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"I believe every client deserves peace and freedom to be their authentic self."

About me


Falling into the mental health field is definitely by a higher design not of my own. My name is Femi Olukoya. Born and raised mostly in United States and partly in Africa and Europe. I was born in down town Houston and grew up without a father figure. This being my situation, my grand father and some male figures in my extended family picked up the mantle and excelled in giving a template I could run with.

After High School I joined the U.S. Navy at 17 and was immediately shipped to Iraq. After I did my four year tour I transitioned myself back into the civilian world and began my journey in the Mental health field From Psychiatric Technician to licensed Clinical Therapist because of my experience with losing friends and shipmates to suicide and PTSD. I have been practicing in this field for 10 years. I have experienced a vast range of cultures in different countries and society and i pride myself in multicultural practicing. I am grateful for my experiences good and bad that have let me to being the best husband,  father, son, brother, relative and friend i could possibly strive to be. I would love to be given the chance to do the same for you in a safe, non judgmental space.

My Approach

As a licensed Psychotherapist, I believe every client deserves peace and freedom to be their authentic self. That means therapy with me is centered around how to create the best version of you based on your goals, needs, values, and preferences. My favorite kind of work is deeply person-centered. We can build a relationship of trust and a space for exploring the authentic you.  Being a veteran that’s been through modern combat in different countries, It takes a lot to get me out of my element. It would be hard to surprise me.

Sandcastle Psych, LLC mental health practice is led by licensed Psychotherapist, Femi Olukoya, M.Ed. LPC. NCC. I specialize in helping organizations and individual clients become their best version based on their goals, needs, values, and preferences. I serve individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, including active and retired military. Sandcastle Psych, LLC also provides surgical and medical instruments and equipment due to strategic contractual relations.

I have 10 years of experience working in the psychiatric field. I am extremely motivated to help each and every client to the best of my ability. I want to walk with you through life’s challenges and help you harness your strengths to create the best strategies for you, that will aid in your growth. No matter what walk of life you come from, I’ll travel with you.

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